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'Horns' Official Trailer


Good, still hyped for this.

Do I wanna see this for the plot or for Daniel Radcliffe doing an American accent?

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I think my selfie problem is getting out of hand..

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Fill this in with stuff about you

My name is:Adriana
My age is:16
My birthday is:February 17
Where I’m from:Czech Republic
Where I would like to live:Switzerland or England
Favorite food:Salad I guess
Sexual orientation:probably bi
Favorite book:The Sea ​​of ​​Tranquility
Eye colour:Brown
Favorite movie:On the road
Favorite TV show:Teen Wolf, Pretty little liars, TVD
Favorite band/singer:Imagine Dragons, Linkin Park, BMTH, Cher Lloyd, Ed Sheeran, Echosmith
Favorite day of the year:... none
Favorite colour:Black, white, dark blue, grey
If I have any pets:Sphynx cat named Kira or Ira (short version of Irony. I know a lot of people who think that this cat is ugly. but I wanted to call her "Beauty" or "Gorgeous"... And that is the irony!)
What I’m listening to right now:sounds of nature
Last movie I’ve watched:Just like heaven
What’s my ringtone:Hey brother by Avicii
Favorite male character from a TV show:Stiles Stilinski from Teen Wolf; Caleb Rivers from PLL; Klaus Mikaelson from TVD or The Originals
Favorite female character from a TV show:Hanna Martin from Pretty little liars; Katherine Pierce from TVD; Lydia Martin from Teen Wolf
Favorite superhero:Hulk or Thor or Spiderman (the new one)
Celebrity crush:Kristen Stewart
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